Tommy Tuberville Foundation

Tim McGrath completing the American Flag tile job at the SORTC.

Tim McGrath completing the American Flag tile job at the SORTC.

Tim McGrath, a forty year retired Local 18 member, is currently re-tiling a bathroom for a World War II Vet in Middletown, Ohio.

This project is one of many projects that are being done by the Tommy Tuberville Foundation.

This foundation was established to support organizations and causes that assist military and veterans; increase awareness, education, and prevention of health issues, particularly among women and children; and further education and community initiatives.  Being a long time supporter of the military, Tommy Tuberville and his foundation have raised money to help build homes that meet the physical needs for members of our military.  In addition to that he has also hosted several games for the Wounded Warrior Project to benefit injured veterans and also supports the Storybook Farm which offers free therapeutic care to children with debilitating illnesses and those suffering from bereavement.

We here at the Ohio-Kentucky Administrative District Council encourage you to click on the link above to read more about this amazing foundation and all the different organizations they support to help take care of the men & women of the military that risked their lives for us and the women & children that need us as well.



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