Local 7KY Ashland, KY

Phone: 606.327.5411
Fax: 606.327.5422

134 16th St.
Ashland, KY 41101

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each  month, 7:30 pm

Field Representative: Richard “Willie” Moon – rmoon@oadc.net, 606.331.0714

President: Richard “Willie” Moon
Vice President: Michael D. Tussey
Secretary/Treasurer: Charles N. Hennecke
Recording Secretary: George “Mac” Mellert
Sergeant at Arms: George McCalvin

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Labor Day Parade 2016 in Local 7KY


Labor Day Parade 2016 in Local 7KY

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Kentucky Apprenticeship Conference Returns to General Butler

Building a skilled workforce is crucial for Kentucky’s future economic success. Leaders from business, education, government and labor backgrounds return to the Kentucky Apprenticeship conference.  See how they hope to help improve lives and the economy

Kentucky Labor Cabinet Partners with U.S. Department of Labor to Protect Misclassified Workers

Misclassification: It’s a crime that doesn’t just rob workers, it hurts taxpayers and Kentucky’s economy.   See how the Labor Cabinet hopes some teamwork will help combat this growing problem.

Christmas Party – 2014