About the Ohio Kentucky ADC

The Ohio-Kentucky Administrative District Council is the administrative arm of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, representing 19 local unions and over 6,000 members throughout its two-state jurisdiction.

The Ohio-Kentucky ADC represents its dedicated membership in the Collective Bargaining process and provides education and upgrade training to its apprentices and journeymen through Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees and partnerships with signatory contractors.

The OH-KY ADC Promise

The promise of the Ohio – Kentucky Administrative District Council is to teach the necessary skills through Joint Apprenticeship and Journeyman level upgrade training to become the “Best Hands in the Business” of Bricklaying and Allied Craftsmanship.

Through Unionism and the standards set therein, we promise to fight for market share, to guarantee workers’ rights, benefits and Pension, to push for the best and most affordable insurance protection and to continuously develop our preventative measures through safety training.

We promise to develop workers skills and increase their employability through cross-training, upgrade training and safety classes. We promise to uphold the contracts of the Collective Bargaining Agreements, Prevailing Wage, the right to work and competitive salaries.

We promise to stand united as members and Signatory Contractors to pursue the American Dream and the individual career goals of our members. We will push forward through Organizing and remain strong in Unionism.

Our promise is to serve the majority and protect the minority. We will keep our promise by working hard, by working smart and by working united. We will keep our promise with diligence and pride.