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Corey Schultz, AIA
Owner of Schultz2 Architects, LLC, along with his wife Shauna, also a registered architect. Together they have a combined 50 years of architectural experience, providing full-service architecture for K-12 schools and a variety of building types including fire stations, emergency operations centers, and tornado shelters. The firm also offers tornado shelter peer review services and assessments of existing tornado shelters. The firm has been involved in design of more than 55 tornado shelters that meet the NSSA/ICC–500 Standard and FEMA 361 guidelines. Corey was a voting member of the committee that produced the ICC– 500 Standards, both 2008 and 2014 editions, as well as the ICC 500 Standard with Commentary 2015. He was involved in writing the original FEMA P-361 document and its revisions as well as FEMA P- 320. Corey holds degrees in Environmental Design and in Architecture from the University of Kansas and has accumulated 16 hours of college credit in meteorology. He is a registered architect in four states (Kansas, Colorado, Texas, and Illinois) and is a Professional Member of the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA).

Larry Curtis, P.E.
Larry has over 32 years of experience as a consulting structural engineer and nearly 17 years as a principal structural engineer with Kirkpatrick Forest Curtis PC in Oklahoma City. In this role, he serves as the client’s contact and administers project goals, budgets and schedules. He has experience working with steel, concrete, wood and masonry and provides management for projects from inception through construction completion

Larry is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Structural Emphasis) in 1983 and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Structural Emphasis) in 1985. Since that time, he has become licensed in thirteen states including Ohio.

He is a member of the American Institute of Steel Construction, American Concrete Institute, Oklahoma Structural Engineers Association, and Structural Engineering Council of Oklahoma. He is also a professional member of the National Storm Shelter Association where he has developed an affinity for storm shelter design. Larry has performed numerous tornado storm shelter designs, Community tornado shelter peer reviews, and best available refuge area evaluations. 

Ernst Kiesling, P.E., Ph.D.
Executive Director of the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) since its formation in 2001. He and his colleagues pioneered in the development of the above ground storm shelter in the early 1970’s and he has nurtured storm shelter development ever since. He is known by some as the father of the storm shelter. It has been rewarding to him to be a participant in storm shelter development and to watch an idea evolve into an industry. Dr. Kiesling served as professor of Civil Engineering at Texas Tech for four decades and was chairman of the department for 20 years during the time the wind engineering program was initiated. Retired from teaching, he now serves as a Research Professor in the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech. He helped develop the earliest prescriptive designs for above ground storm shelters, designs now included in FEMA P–320, Taking Shelter from the Storm. In 2001 he helped write the first industry standard for storm shelters, the forerunner of the NSSA/ICC-500 Standard. He served on the committee that wrote 2008 and 2014 editions of the ICC-500 Standard and the 2015 Commentary. Doctor Kiesling holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Technological College and both master’s and doctoral degrees in engineering from Michigan State University. He is a Life Member of both the American Society of Civil Engineers and of the National Society for Professional Engineers and is a professional member of the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA).

Brian E. Trimble, P.E., CDT, LEED AP, FASTM
Brian has an Architectural Engineering degree from Penn State University and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and Virginia. He has over 25 years’ experience in the masonry industry assisting design professionals with masonry structures and is a frequent lecturer and author on masonry subjects. Brian worked for the Brick Industry Association for many years. In 2005 he was named a Fellow of ASTM International.


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