Local 3 Recognizes it’s Members

On December 12, 2015 Local 3 OH-KYADC recognized its members for their years of service.

In addition to the usual 25, 40 & 50 year awards, the Executive Committee purchased gold watches to present to all of the members that have 60 years or more in.

Thank you all for your many years of dedication!!!


25 Year members 2015

Local 3 Members who received their 25 year service pin (from left to right) Tony Fuleky, Don Huss (Field Rep.) Bert Toth, Duane Cousino, Brad Emans & Matt Aberl (President).


40 Year members 2015

Local 3 member who received their 40 year service award (from left to right) Don Huss (Field Rep.), Barry Borough, Ken Kudela (OH-KYADC Director), Paul Urbaniak, Matt Aberl (President), John Pupos, Doug Unger

50 Year members 2015

Local 3 members who received their 50 year service awards (from left to right) Don Huss (Field Rep.), Niel Eckman, Ken Kudela (OH-KYADC Director), Kit Bettencourt, Norm Robinson, Richard Juers, Olen Dorn, Matt Aberl (President), Bernhard Sailor

60 Year members 2015

Members of Local 3 that received gold watches for their 60 years or more of dedicated service.


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