Legislative Alert! Action Neeeded!

KY State Building Trades Affiliates:

Republican State Senators and Governor Bevin have ramped up the attacks on the members of Kentucky’s Building Trades.

Senate Bill – 9, Prevailing Wage Repeal on Educational Facilities, was heard in the Senate Committee, passed the Senate Floor by a vote of 26-11. http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/16RS/SB9/bill.pdf SB-9 will now be heard in the House Labor & Industry Committee Meeting next Thursday February 4, 2016 in the Capital Annex.

Now is the time to Rally our members to come to Frankfort on February 4 at 10:00am to show our support at the Committee Hearing.

Senate Bill – 94, allows Cities and Counties to opt out of the KY Prevailing Wage Law. SB-94 has been assigned to Committee but not scheduled for a Hearing at this time. http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/16RS/SB94/bill.pdf

Senate Bill – 3, The KY Right-To-Work Act, http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/16RS/SB3/bill.pdf SB-3 has been assigned to a Committee but not scheduled for a Hearing at this time.

House Bill – 303 is the Governor’s Budget Bill. http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/16RS/HB303/bill.pdf  Buried in Governor Bevin’s Budget Bill on page 117 of 131 is the total repeal of Kentucky’s Prevailing Wage Law.

“Prevailing Wage: Notwithstanding the provisions of KRS 337.505 to

337.550 or any other provision of the Kentucky Revised Statutes to the contrary, no

public authority shall make the prevailing wage, as defined in KRS 337.505, a part of the

bidding specifications for any public works or a part of any contract for the construction

of public works on or after the effective date of this Act.”

Brothers and Sisters now is the time to act. The 4 Special House Elections on March 8 will determine the outcome of these Bills. With no regard for our skilled trades training, safety, hard work or commitment, the politicians in Frankfort can set back decades of our hard fought gains this Legislative Session. Please help and recruit others to volunteer to elect the 4 candidates that share the values of Kentucky’s Working Families. Help work the phone banks, walk, door knock and rally our members to help elect the candidates in these important races.

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