2015 IU Apprentice Contest

This year at the 2015 International Apprentice Contest the OH KY ADC was well represented by four Brick contestants, four PCC contestants, one Marble and one Terrazzo contestant.  Although all of our fine young men after going through an extremely difficult qualifying process winning many contests just to have the right to compete on a National level are WINNERS just to be there, we here at the District Council as well as you at the home Locals are and should be extremely proud of Brother Chase Owens from Local 6 OH for winning FIRST place in the Pointer, Cleaner, Caulker contest. And Alex Latanza Jr. from Local 18 OH/KY for taking THIRD place!!  Great job young men!!



There is a story to go with the contest. Alex Latanza’s wife gave birth to twins!!  Emma Elizabeth Latanza and Eli Alexander Latanza the day before the competition began.  We thought he would not be able to compete when we heard his wife went into labor but the beautiful children were born and all are healthy and well.  Now Alex being determined to compete, with his wife’s blessing rescheduled his flight and made it to the contest without much rest at all and with all the stress leading up to the event his skill’s prevailed and he was able to secure THIRD place in the Nation as a Pointer, Cleaner, Caulker.

Great job Alex and congratulations to you and Katie and your beautiful new family.

Left:  Emma Elizabeth Latanza & Right:  Eli Alexander Latanza

Left: Emma Elizabeth Latanza Right: Eli Alexander Latanza

This year at the competition the competitors were:

PCC                                                       Brick                                          Marble

Aaron Young – Local 6                          Joe Cooper – Local 40               Jaymes Sanford – Local 5

Chase Owens – Local 6                        Giovanni DiPaola – Local 5

Alex Latanza Jr. – Local 18                   Jeff Price – Local 7 Ohio             TMT

John Garnett – Local 18                        Daniel Aller – Local 5                  Travis Knight – Local 22

To view some of the pictures from the competition and all of our contestants please click on the following link:

2015 International Apprentice Competition

To view some videos of some of our contestants please click on the links below:

Before the contestants begin

Contestants Get Instructions

Travis Knight – Local 22 – Terrazzo Project

Giovanni DiPaola – Local 5 – Brick Project

Jeff Price – Local 7OH – Brick Project

Jaymes Sanford – Local 5 – Marble Project

Chase Owens – Local 6 – PCC Project

John Garnett – Local 18 – PCC Project

Alex Latanza Jr. – Local 18 – PCC Project

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